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1 One family per campground (2 adults & unmarried children under age of 24) per campsite.
2 Parents and or registered adults are responsible for their children/guests actions and safety.
3 Children, adults and guests are not to trespass onto adjoining property.
4 No "for sale" signs allowed on lot site, make a hi-light sheet with particulars (lot #, age, shed, added room and price, picture) give to management to post at office.
5 Trailers being offered "for sale", prior to finalizing sale, Buyer must be approved with credit check, Acknowledge: any balance outstanding; the camp rules and regulations, payment of $45 for credit check.
6 Before building anything, approval is needed from management, reading MPAC rules for assessments is recommended, as whatever you build may cause taxes to increase and or contravene new city by-laws.
7 Dogs must be on leash at all times, no exceptions (even friendly dogs jump up, lunge and scare people) clean up after your dog, NO dogs at beach area.
8 Sites/central bathrooms must be kept clean, grass cut, burning garbage not permitted, no food left out or feeding wildlife, any violations that have to be corrected in this matter, charges will be levied.
9 No offensive language or behavior, everyone should use better judgement in these situations.
10 Insurance must be carried on all vehicles, boats, trailers, liability at minimum, as park is NOT responsible for personal injuries, lost or stolen property.
11 This campground is SEASONAL, no permanent residence is permitted or is designated as such.
12 Commencing in 2005, water will be treated before distribution, strict water usage will be enforced, no lawn watering, NO car-boat-atv washing whatsoever! (We will endeavor to arrange alternatives).
13 All extra appliances that are subject to surcharge, must be declared! Double rate may apply if not declared.
14 Air conditioners, exterior lights must be turned off when away. Excessive exterior lights subject to charges.
15 Toilets other than original equipment MUST be approved, low water consumption toilets are acceptable.
16 Recycle bins: green is for cardboard (non waxed) and newspapers, blue bins are for cans, bottles (glass & plastic).
17 Large waste bins are for perishable waste. NO furniture, appliances, bbq's, or construction materials! All of these can be arranged for removal at minimal cost, this will be monitored!
18 All patrons agree to sign, date and hand in ACKNOWLEDGEMENT prior to commencement of season with any changes to their address or telephone numbers, management will provide form upon request.
19 Lilac Lodge, for safety and security, hereby notifies all patrons, guests and staff, that part or all of the common areas of the property may be under video and or audio surveillance.
20 Patrons and guests must obey all Laws, drinking while driving is absolutely prohibited, all regulatory signs on property must be obeyed, (please note new stop sign) lot number signs must be displayed at all times.
21 2 per site if accommodates, otherwise must be parked in designated area, patron passes will be distributed and displayed on dash, overnight guest parking passes issued at listed cost, season guest pass are for day only, no parking vehicles other than your own lot
22 10 kmph is the speed limit for any motorized vehicle, NO driving lessons on property, these must be adhered to.